Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thrift shop finds

Jean and I are hopelessly addicted to thrift stores and have a few locally that we haunt at least once a week. We generally look for vintage items but ever so often a great deal will appear that we can't resist. Just before Christmas we found a wood horse barn and stable for the Breyer type horses and this thing is big. As we were looking at it a man came up with his daughter and was also interested in it for her. We knew it would be perfect for our granddaughter and the price was too good to pass up. So without hesitation we both said our code words for a good deal and that we should buy it ..... now with a few minor repairs it will be a great gift for Jenna.

As we enter most thrift shops Jean goes for the dish wear and bric a brac and I will go for the larger items and electronics. It seems like after we scour our assigned areas the other will come behind and usually scoop up some things missed. It is amazing what a second pair of eyes pick up. It is always good to go hunting with a partner that knows what your likes and interests are. Makes for fun, interesting, and fruitful hunting trips.

Here are a few of our recent finds.....enjoy.

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